An Eagle with his Wings Clipped

Frank W. Boreham (1871 – 1959) was a Baptist preacher best known in New Zealand, Australia, and England. As a youth, Boreham heard the great preacher, Dwight L. Moody. He became a minister after his conversion to Christianity while working in London. Some believe that he was the last student interviewed by Charles Spurgeon for entry into his Pastor’s College.

During Billy Graham’s evangelistic campaign in Australia, in 1959, Graham sought out Boreham, in particular for discussion, due in great part to Boreham’s widely read and respected writings.

Boreham once wrote of a young preacher who started out with a great anointing and fiery zeal for God. However, the young man allowed his “learning” to take precedent over his dependency on the Holy Spirit, and lost his effectiveness. One could not exactly pinpoint what was wrong, but Boreham detected the beginnings of a subtle change.

A year later, he humorously wrote, “The only thing I could think of was a lion in curlpaper!”1 (“Curlpaper” is a piece of paper wrapped around a lock of hair to make it curly) .

“A lion in curlpaper is very much like an eagle with his wings clipped!”2

“Apart from Me you can do nothing” (John 15:5).

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