April 13 A Way to Study and Preach

 Robert Murray McCheyne (1813 – 1843) was a minister in the Church of Scotland.

He served as pastor of St. Peter’s Church (in Dundee) until his early death at the age of 29 during an epidemic of typhus. He was also a poet, and a man of deep piety and prayer.

After his death, a visitor asked one of his parishioners how their pastor studied and preached. The parishioner took him into McCheyne’s study, and said,

“Sit down; now put your hands over your face and let tears fall – that is the way he studied.”

They went into the church and stood behind the pulpit.

“Lean over, way over, and stretch out your hands towards the congregation, and now let the tears fall – that is the way our pastor preached.”1

“He sent to Ephesus and summoned the elders of the church, and said to them, I continued serving the Lord with all humility and tears. Therefore, always be on the alert and on your guard, being mindful that for three years I never stopped night and day seriously to admonish and advise and exhort you one by one with tears” (Acts 20:17, 19, 31).

“Only crucified preachers can proclaim the crucified Savior.”


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