December 1 - Wrong Enough To Win!

Only a miracle touchdown could win them the game...


The home team was losing the football game. They were down to their last play. Only a miracle touchdown could win them the game. The quarterback stepped into the huddle...carefully looked at the other 10 players and confidently called for play number 15. The play was an unusual choice for the situation...but it worked! The home team took the ball all the way and scored the touchdown...they won the game!

After this surprise victory...the coach pulled the quarterback aside and asked him why he had ever thought to call such a strange play. The quarterback carefully explained, "Well coach, I saw player jersey number 8 and he had not caught a pass the entire game...and then I saw jersey number 6 and realized he hadn't caught a pass either. I figured that if I could bring the two players together, I could find the winning combination. So I added 8 plus 6 and came up with play 15."

The astonished coach answered, "That's an interesting strategy...but do you realize that 8 plus 6 actually equals 14?"

The quarterback thought about the problem with his equation for a moment and responded: "Well coach, I guess if I were as smart as you are, we would have lost the game!"

Sometimes in games and in might be better to be lucky rather than too smart. But what is luck? I like to think that such kinds of co-incidents are simply God at work while wishing to remain anonymous! Confidence is necessary when facing an impossible situation...but confidence based on solid facts is always better!

"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength" (Philippians 4:13).