August 16 - Solving The Paper Problem

Solving The Paper Problem


A family moved into a new town and one of their first things to do was to order a daily paper to be delivered to their home. Immediately, the next day they began receiving the paper...but became annoyed when they had to search for the newspaper every day. The paper boy would toss it toward the house...the yard, the bushes, the driveway, under the porch and even on the porch roof!

         The man of the house called the number to the paper boy's home and spoke with him. BUT he did not complain about the way in which it was delivered...he thanked the 13-year-old for delivering his paper on a daily basis. He stayed on the phone and had conversation. In this phone call he learned that the young man loved basketball. That was all this perceptive man needed to know. That same day, he went to the local hardware store and bought a basketball hoop and fastened it to a post on the front porch.

         The next morning, as the family was having breakfast, they heard a "ker-plunk" and a thud as the newspaper landed exactly right on the porch next to the front door. Oh yes, they never had to search for a way-ward paper again!

         Pretty clever! Talk about solving a problem without having it escalate into a full blown conflict. Are you faced with a problem, maybe not a big issue, but one of those things that just annoy you, drive you nuts and never seems to be resolved. Here's the solution...understand the motivations of those with whom you might be in conflict. There's always an answer...but armed with this simple idea, together we might have solved the problem. I'm for innovation and good problem solving!

         "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow His precepts have good understanding" (Psalm 111:10).