August 11 - Thinking Outside The Knot

Thinking Outside The Knot


In ancient Greek history and mythology, Gordius, who was King of Phrygia and Mida's father, had declared that whoever could untie the "Gordian Knot" was destined to become ruler of all Asia. Many, maybe even hundreds had attempted to solve the puzzle and untie this "Gordian" knot...but no one had been successful.

         When Alexander the Great came to Phrygia he was challenged with the impossible knot so he, too, attempted to solve the puzzle and untie the knot. Like the many before he, he was unsuccessful as everyone else. Eventually he became impatient and frustrated. In his impatience, he drew his sword and smashed it down on the knot and cleanly cut it in half.

         Even though he had not untied the knot in the way that Gordius had had to be said that he solved the puzzle. He had done what had been asked of him... solve the puzzle and undo the knot.

         Alexander was then awarded the prize and he became the ruler of all of Asia. He had then conquered the then known world by the age of 25.

         In today's world we, you and I, have been challenged many times to "think outside of the box." It means bring some new and creative thinking to solve many of life's problems. Think the unthinkable. Think outside of the conventional wisdom. Be unique. Become a problem solver! Follow the example of Jesus who did the impossible more than once in his earthly ministry. One major break-through of His life was to introduce this world to a kind, loving, caring, wonderful Heavenly Father!

         "No one has seen the Father except the One who is from God; only He has seen the Father" (John 6:46).