August 2 - Why Wait Until Marriage?

Why Wait Until Marriage?


Jaime Rau is a professional photographer and founder of "Purely Committed, Int." which was established in 2001. This is an organization encouraging peers to save sex for marriage. She writes the following:

         Watching my single mother rushing into relationships blindly, giving away her body and losing pieces of her heart, I was always pretty sure I wanted to wait until marriage to have sex. But after hearing a camp counselor share how wonderful it was to give herself as a wedding gift to her husband, I was positive I wanted my wedding night to be as amazing as hers!

         As I got older, my reasons for commitment became ever deeper. I started to realize the physical, emotional, and relational risks involved in sex outside of marriage. I witnessed the self-esteem of my girlfriends and mom plummet as guys slept with them.

         I love knowing that someday when I get married, I will be able to have a level of intimacy with my husband that I have never had with anyone else. This intimacy will bond us together for life.

         If you have already shared your gift and had your heart broken, you can still reap the benefits of recommitting to purity. Wrap your gift back up with a tag that says, "Reserved for Someone Special" and vow to save it for your wedding night!

         I couldn't have said it better...THANK YOU, Jamie! ABSTINENCE means: Refraining from all sexual activity, including oral sex! PURITY means: Saving yourself mentally, emotionally and physically until marriage and after marriage remaining faithful to your spouse!

         Who can say, "I have kept my heart pure; I am clean and without sin?" (Proverbs 20:9)