June 22 - World's Fastest Failure Of A Driving Test

World's Fastest Failure Of A Driving Test


One of the major rites of growing up is getting a driver's license! World-wide, a test to prove your ability as a driver is given...you have to earn the right. The legal age to be able to drive varies from country to country...but universally, it's a special rite of passage. But not all driving tests turn out the way they should. Consider these...

*Until recently the world record for the fastest failure was held by Helen Ireland of Auburn, California. She failed her driving test in the first second! How? By cleverly mistaking the accelerator for the brake pedal! She stomped it to the floor and shot straight ahead...through the wall of the local "Driving Test" center! Awesome!

*This record seemed an unbeatable one until an English auto mechanic from Lanarkshire called "Thomas" failed the test BEFORE the driver's license examiner had even gotten into the car. He arrived at the test center and Thomas tooted the horn to summon the examiner, who promptly strode out to the vehicle and announced, "It is illegal to toot your horn while your car is stationary!" Then, wrote out a ticket for disturbing the peace, told Thomas he had failed the test and strode back into the driving test center again!

Genius of this kind cannot be taught...it just has to be a natural gift! It's true that we are all human and subject to mess up, but this, too, can be overdone! How can such goof-ups be avoided? It's quite simple. It's called careful preparation and study! It's called paying the price...first, then the rewards come later.

All right...how much have you been studying...lately?

"Listen, my sons, to a father's instruction; pay attention and gain understanding" (Proverbs 4:1).