June 8 - Mother Has The Last Word

Mother Has The Last Word


This true story happened during the American Revolutionary war. An army officer was sent around the Virginia country side to confiscate horses that were needed for military use in the war effort. He came to a fine old mansion on a plantation. He rang the bell and asked to speak to the mistress of the house.

"Madame," he said in his most polite manner to the dignified lady he met in the parlor, "I am claiming your horses for the use in the army on order from my Commander."

"Sir," she replied, "You cannot have my horses. I am needing them for the spring plowing and planting. By the way, who is your Commander?"

He replied, "General George Washington, Commander of the American army."

She then said, "You just go back and tell General George Washington that his mother says he cannot have her horses!"

Leave it to a mother! I hope you have been privileged to have a mother who is forceful enough to tell you "no" now and then.

But even more important...have you learned how to say "NO" to temptations, to friends who might lead you into trouble, to advertisements that seek to entice you to take up smoking or consuming alcoholic beverages, to pre-marital sex. There are all kinds of things and decisions in this world that are best handled with a firm NO! If Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden had learned how to say NO, it might have saved this world a whole lot of trouble. All together now...say it with me...NO! Do it once more...NO!

"Simply let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' 'No;' anything beyond this comes from the evil one" (Matthew 5:37).