May 26 - What Do You Think About Your Dad?

What Do You Think About Your Dad?


When it comes to dear old comes down to something like this:

AT AGE 4..."My Daddy can do anything!"

At age 5..."My Daddy is the best Dad in the whole wide world."

At age 7..."My Dad sure knows a lot, a whole lot!"

At age 12..."Oh, well, naturally, my Dad doesn't know that, either."

At age 14..."Oh Dad? He's just out of date, he's old fashioned."

At age 18..."My Dad just doesn't get it, he doesn't understand me."

At age 21..."Oh that man, he's sure not with it."

At age 25..."Dad? Well, he might know something about it."

At age 35..."Before we decide what to do, we'll talk it over with Dad and get his input before we make this decision."

At age 50..."I wonder, what would Dad have thought about that?"

At age 60..."You know when I think back, my Dad knew literally something about everything!"

At age 65..."I really wish I could talk it over with Dad just once more!"

How many sixteen-year-old teens do you know who can't possibly believe that some day they will be as dumb as their dad? Your dad may not be appreciated until it's too late. Right here, in your relationship with your dad is a secret to having a long and fruitful life. The Bible says, that we are to honor our fathers and our mothers that our days be long on this earth! This is a Biblical promise that pays off...honor your Dad and God will honor you with a longer life! Pretty cool...huh?

"Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid" (Proverbs 12:1).