April 25 - The Flying Teakettle

The Flying Teakettle


A car wreck in 1907 changed the face of the automobile industry and at the same could well have been responsible for much of the air pollution on the face of our planet today! At that time the auto industry was in the throes of indecision with two major choices: should cars be steam driven or gas powered? Steam driven seemed to be the best choice until...the annual auto races in Ormond, Florida.

At this race, several gas powered and a few electric powered cars attempted to break the 100 mile per hour barrier. None were successful until the "Stanley Steamer," nicknamed the "Flying Teakettle" took the track.

Let's let Fred Marriott, the driver explain what happened: "I quickly got up to 197 miles per hour and the speed was still rising fast when the car hit a bump. I felt it twist a little in the air, it rose off the beach and traveled about a hundred feet through the air before it struck. I was thrown clear. The machine broke to pieces with the boiler rolling and blowing steam like a meteor for a mile down the beach."

John Carlova, auto expert, said, "This was the turning point so gas became the choice." Think of the consequences of this choice...we could all be driving steam cars with no pollution! No more low-hanging smog over the world's cities! The only gas to escape would have been steam vapor, non-polluting water! Perhaps there's a bright young engineer out there who will re-discover steam power and how to harness it safely for the next generation of cars!

Think with me how decisions can easily set a life-time of directions! So when you make your life choices...choose wisely because you may set something into motion that will be with you your entire life!

"The wise heart will know the proper time and procedure. For there is a proper time and procedure for every matter..." (Ecclesiastes 8:5-6).