April 15 - The Touchstone

The Touchstone


There's an old legend which I believe originated out of South Africa. This legend has it that one day a traveler stopped at a happy farmer's home and talked at length about life beyond the farm and how beautiful other foreign lands were. Then he regaled the farmer about the "TOUCH-STONE." It could only be found on the shores of the beautiful Black Sea. It had special powers...anything it touched would be turned to gold and the owner of this stone would become rich beyond his fondest dreams. The traveler went on and said the "touch-stone" would be identified by the feel, it would be much warmer and smoother than the other stones.

This farmer was so fascinated by this story and wanted the stone. So to finance his journey to the Black Sea he sold his farm and placed his family with neighbors who would care for them until he returned. And set off in search of the touchstone.

On the shores of the Black Sea, he picked up a stone, felt it, found it to be cool and dropped it back on the shore. Quickly he knew he would have to devise a plan or he could pick up the same stone many times. Here was the plan, he would pick up a stone, feel it, if it was cool or rough, he would throw it into the sea. Day after day, week after week and soon it was year after year.

One day he picked up a stone...it was smooth and warm to the touch, it was the TOUCH-STONE...and he threw it into the Black Sea! WHY? His habit had been so strong that when he found it, he couldn't break the habit...so he threw it away!

What's your life touch-stone? It's called CHOICE! Freedom to choose! Exercise it wisely and value it highly!

"But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve" (Joshua 24:15)