April 1 - You Brought What?

You Brought What?

The story is told about a particular banker who has died and is now approaching the Pearly Gates. He is sweating and struggling with a very heavy suitcase. St. Peter greets him and says, "Set that heavy suitcase down and come on in to heaven."

The banker barks, "No way! I have to bring this in with me!"

"Well, what could possibly be so important that you have to take this into heaven?" St. Peter asks.

The banker opens the suitcase to reveal 50 gold bricks! Peter's jaw drops and said, "Why are you bringing pavement with you?"

Well...what about this? What are you planning to bring with you to heaven? The only thing you can "bring" to heaven is yourself! However, you can send on ahead any number of things. Perhaps you've heard it said, "There are no U-Haul trailers behind a funeral hearse!" When you die, it's all over, except what happens after death. The Bible is very clear about who goes to heaven and how we can get to heaven. It's the only road map available to tell us such things.

Think with me...what can you send on ahead? How about random acts of kindness, how about acts of compassion, how about providing for people who may be poor, how about helping the widows, how about gifts you give to others and the list really is quite long when we think about it.You can't take it with you

You may be thinking, Heaven is a long ways off...I'm too young to be thinking about heaven. Well...none of us is too young or too old to think about heaven and eternity.

"In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you" (John 14:2).