March 27 - I Only Have To Go...

I Only Have To Go...


MARCIE had just graduated from Bible College and was visiting with her parents and went to her home church on Wednesday night. The pastor gave an altar call and she responded. At the altar she motions for her pastor, "Pastor I have surrendered my life to go to the mission field and I would like you to pray and bless me."

"Marcie, that's wonderful! Where are you going?"

She replied, "To Malaysia, to the tribes of head-hunters because for 11 years they have had no missionaries. Even the oil companies have recalled their workers."

He replied, "" She's tiny, petite, about 105 pounds at most. The pastor thinks, "She's not going. She will be eaten. God spare her life. I'm praying a death sentence over her." Her parents plead with the pastor, "Talk some sense into her head."

Nobody will go with her. They are so remote that a helicopter is the only way in. She is flown by a chopper that can't land because the natives have discovered how to disable the chopper with their spears and eat the crew. She will be rappelled 150 feet down a rope. They throw two duffel bags down and she follows. The plan is to leave her 60 days and return for her.

The chopper pilot who says he never cries, bawls and pleaded, "Don't go. I'll be back in 60 days but you won't."

She replied, "You don't understand...I only have to go, I DON'T HAVE TO COME BACK!"

Sixty days later, the chopper returns...there's Marcie, in the clearing, waving, with more than 70 "converts!" What nobody knew...the head-hunters only ate men and had a 200 year old legend about a "god" who would come from the sky to be worshiped. She said, "I told them 'I am not a god, but I come from God. It was the easiest soul-winning I had ever done!"

"Go and make disciples of all nations...and surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age" (Matthew 28:19-20).