March 9 - Too Much!

Too Much!


This story is about a very young man who was preparing for the ministry. The pastor invited him to give a short sermon as part of a service. His text was "Thou shalt not steal." The next morning he boarded a city bus, handed the driver a dollar bill and in turn he gave him back some change. He walked to the rear of the bus because there were no seats. Once at the back, he braced himself and the bus took off. Then he counted his was a dime too much. His first thought was, It's only a thin dime and the bus company will not miss it.

By this time, there had been another bus stop and the aisle was crowded with people. Then he thought, This is not right, I cannot kept this dime which isn't mine. He started back to the front and the driver. After some dozen or more "Excuse me's" and some sour looks later he stood next to the driver, offered the dime and said, "You gave me too much change."

The bus driver replied, "Yes, I gave you a dime too much. I did it on purpose. You see, I heard your short sermon yesterday and watched in my mirror as you counted your change. If you had pocketed the extra I would never have had any confidence in preaching and preachers again."

Think of what had been at stake if this young man had decided the annoyance of his fellow passengers had not been worth a dime's worth of honesty!

All of us need to remember that we can never take a vacation from being honest. We are always on duty to do what we know is right!

"There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known" (Luke 12:2).