February 25 - Dark Train...a Kiss And A Slap!

Dark Train...a Kiss And A Slap!


A young soldier and his commanding officer have to ride a train from their base to a conference in Europe. They find their seats and discover they are in a compartment with a beautiful young woman and her grandmother.

Within the first hour everyone realizes that the young woman and the young soldier are attracted to each other. Then the train enters a long dark tunnel and while in the tunnel everyone hears a loud kissing sound followed by a crisp, sharp, hard slap!

On the other side of the tunnel, the officer thinks: "I'm glad my soldier was creative enough to get a kiss, but I wish she hadn't missed him and slapped me!"

The grandmother thinks: "Humph! The nerve of that young man to kiss my granddaughter! Well at least he got what he deserved when she slapped him!"

The granddaughter thinks: "That was nice of him to kiss me, but I wish my grandmother hadn't slapped him for giving me a kiss!"

The young soldier is the only one who really knows what happened. He thinks: "Wow! I got to kiss a beautiful girl and slap real hard my stupid, unreasonable, demanding, unpopular commanding officer all at once!"

There is more than one life lesson here...for example, if you're creative and quick thinking enough you can always make the most of a difficult situation.

AND...we always travel without knowing what is ahead. It may be a dark tunnel of testings, of trials, of misunderstanding, of helplessness...but understand, there is always an answer! Perhaps it's your opportunity of a life-time to take action!

"Be wise, my son, my daughter, and bring joy to my heart" (Proverbs 27:11)!