February 15 - Do You Ever Feel Useless?

Do You Ever Feel Useless?


The next time you feel like God can't use you, just remember the following:

  • Noah was a drunk! Abraham was too old. Isaac was a day dreamer!
  • Jacob was a liar...Leah was ugly...and Joseph was abused!
  • Moses stuttered and couldn't talk in public...Gideon was afraid and went to hide!
  • Sampson had long hair and was a womanizer!
  • Rahab was the town prostitute!
  • Jeremiah and Timothy were considered too young to be useful in the ministry!
  • David had an affair with Bathsheba and murdered her husband!
  • Elijah was depressed and suicidal...he wanted to die.
  • Isaiah preached the Word of God while naked.
  • Jonah ran away from God and ended up in the belly of a great fish!
  • Naomi was a widow... Job went bankrupt and lost everything!
  • John the Baptist ate bugs and honey and dressed in wild animal skins.
  • Peter denied Jesus Christ more than once...in fact he denied Him three times!
  • The Disciples fell asleep while they were praying.
  • Martha worried about everything...big and small.
  • Mary Magdalene was once demon possessed.
  • The Samaritan woman at the well was divorced...many times!
  • Zaccheus was TOO small so he climbed a tree so he could see what was happening.
  • Paul was too religious...Timothy had a stomach ulcer...AND,

No more excuses now! God's waiting to use you to your full potential because GOD BELIEVES IN YOU!

"Our Redeemer...the LORD Almighty is his name...is the Holy One!" (Isaiah 47:4)