January 31 - You Can Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out!

You Can Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out!


The following story has been making the rounds through the upper Pacific north-west area. The truth? Maybe...well let's hear it:

A pathetic young man was huddled by a fire on the beach on a chilly night on the Washington coast. Lo and behold a game warden appeared out of the nearby woods and approached the fire and asked the young man, "What are you roasting?

He said, "A sea gull for my dinner. I haven't eaten in three days, I'm famished."

The game warden said, "What? A sea gull? You can't do that! They are protected because it's a crucial part of our eco-system to keep the beaches clean. I'm going to give you a citation and the fine if pretty hefty."

The young man pleaded: "Please, man, give me a break. I'm out of work, I'm homeless. What's one lousy sea gull compared to a starving man? Don't cite me. I have no money to pay so I will have to go to jail. Please."

The warden was touched...he weakened and said, "Okay, just this one time...but be sure it doesn't happen again." And he turned to walk away. Then he turned back and asked, "I've always wondered, what does a roasted sea gull taste like?"

The young man looked up from the sea gull carcass he was chewing on and replied, "Oh, it's a real different kind of taste...somewhere between a Snowy White Owl or Spotted Owl or an American Bald Eagle."

Oh, well...what more do I need to say? This is straight out of God's Word..."be sure your sins will eventually find you out!" There is only one way a sin can be uncovered...that's through a God who can forgive all kinds of sin!

"He or she who covers their sins will not prosper. But whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy!" (Proverbs 28:13).