January 29 - The Switch

The Switch


A young trial lawyer had developed a reputation for himself in a short time as being an accomplished and shrewd attorney. His court-room techniques had been polished to the finest detail. His opponents feared him...his clients loved him. He won every case. Soon he wrote in law journals and the invitations to speak about his techniques began rolling in. Soon he developed a standard lecture for his audiences.

He traveled with a chauffeur who was also a bright young man. After several months of listening to the lawyer, he told him he could deliver the lecture himself. This intrigued the lawyer so they devised a plan. At the next lecture date, they would trade places...

So at the edge of town, they switched clothes, the lawyer was now a chauffeur and the chauffeur became the lawyer. Nobody recognized the switch. The chauffeur waxed eloquently delivering the lecture without a flaw. It was a success, an enthusiastic ovation followed. However at the end, the moderator indicated there was time for one question or two. The questioner asked about a legal precedent alluded to in the speech, a technical detail. The lawyer's heart sank...his chauffeur didn't know the answer. They were about to be exposed!

The chauffeur chuckled and replied, "Why this is such a simple and well known precedent that the common lay person could answer. To demonstrate my premise, I am going to let my chauffeur stand and give you the answer!"

How's that for quick thinking on your feet? It's just another life lesson to learn. Lots of things look easy on the surface...but what will you do when the hard questions come?

"Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have!" (I Peter 3:15).