Doing Your Best while in College

Ethan Flattery

Entering college is a huge transition for any student. Sometimes it can be difficult to stay motivated and enroll in courses that will challenge you and help you grow. Here are some useful resources that can guide you and help you improve your determination for academic success in college

girlstudyingCareer coach Alvah Parker shares ten ideas to help you keep your resolutions or goals, which are all applicable to a college student. She shares her expert insight and provides a basic overview of the steps needed to doing what you set out to do. Parker's guide to success should be noted by all college students, and is useful even outside of the classroom

Classes USA is a massive database that allows students to search for colleges and universities according to your own personal preferences. If you have not yet found the perfect school for you, this tool could be very helpful. You can search according to various fields of study, ranging anywhere from art and design to business. Check out Classes USA for college selection help.

In case you were looking for even more motivation about making the most of your collegiate experience, this explanation from the University of Indiana should be taken seriously. They examine the cost benefits of going to college and higher education versus other options. For different people, a different course of education may be required, but this presentation is not to be missed.

Hilary Kimes writes that 'God is most pleased when we use our natural abilities for His glory'. When considering potential classes to take, make sure you are making the most out of you time and gifts, and not simply taking the easy way out. Sometimes in order to grow we need to be stretched and challenged, and that is especially true in the field of academics.

God is most pleased when we use our natural abilities for His gloryIf you still are unsure about which courses to take or about any other of life's many details, take hope in the words of Joyce Meyer. She shares that you should make the most of your time by following your heart, and allowing God to speak into your life to guide you. Meyer shares the idea that following your heart can simiplify many difficult aspects of your life, including decisions in college courses

While the answer may not always be black and white when it comes to difficult decisons about college classes, it pays to do the best you can in order to become the best student and graduate you can be.

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