Career Strengthening

Are you happy with the current state of your career? Here are several authors who share helpful information about strengthening your career. They also have insight into how to join the right career field for you. Your career is an important part of your life, so why not try to get the most out of it that you can.

In order to make the most of your career, why not be involved in a career that involves an area that you care about? The Bureau of Labor Statistics utilizes a helpful graphic to organize your search for the right career. By browsing each possible career path that may interest you, more information about each career is available including possible income and requirements. If you are interested in changing vocations or just looking for where to get started, this database of information can help you in your search.checklist

Brenda Koritko argues for the importance of emphasizing your skills and interests when applying for a job. While it is helpful to have a broad and decorated resume, highlighting your strengths for the specific job that you are applying for is a great way to get attention. By making yourself relevant to the position you are more likely to be hired to a position that you love. This article is useful for learning about how to set up a resume and find a job that you will enjoy.

Tony Beshara shares a helpful section from his book The Job Solution where he describes ten issues that many people struggle with when searching for employment. He suggests that the unemployed need to take job-finding seriously and present themselves in the best possible way, face to face with the employer. Beshara contends that your attitude and interviews skills need to be honed and refined for best results. After following these guidelines, It is important to stay positive not give up.

Maureen Crawford Henz is an independent career and HR consultant who argues for the value of proper phone interview etiquette. Using her years of experience, she states useful strategies related to dealing with phone interviews, including the right way to set up an answering machine and what recruiters are looking for. For anyone on a job search, heeding the wisdom that Henz shares could prove to be the difference between getting hired or not.

James Manktelow and Amy Carlson have discovered a method that enables and employee to uncover new opportunites for growth, and eliminate possible threats. Using the SWOT analysis technique you can utilize your strengths, optimize on weaknesses, spot opportunities, and recognize possible threats. Applying this helpful acronym to your place of work can lead open up new thoughts and ideas that could change your career.

By utilizing each of the features that these career experts offer, you can make the right changes and improve the state of your career. These resources can guide you in your career development, and strengthen your abilities.

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