25 Ways to Say 'Well Done'

Young children almost always want to please the grown-ups. So, if you want children to practice more good behavior in Sunday School, praise them when they are being good. Your praise will draw the children's attention to good ways to behave. Most young children will begin to repeat praiseworthy actions in order to please you again. Remember to help children understand that they are pleasing God too.

child-984041 640The 25 ways are:

1. Say, "Good job, (Name)!"
2. Make eye contact and smile.
3. Make eye contact and nod.
4. Make eye contact and wink.
5. Make eye contact and the thumbs-up signal.
6. Say, "I like the way (Name) is..."
7. Say, "God sees the way (Name) is..."
8. Say, "(Name), I can tell you are growing up inside when you..."
9. Say, "Someone wearing a (red top) does good work."
10. Applaud a child's good work yourself.
11. Applaud a child's work with the others in class.
12. Allow a child who has done well to choose the color of the next batch of play dough.
13. Allow a child who has done well to help you pass out some item to the other children.
14. Allow a child who has done well to take the Bible visuals home.
15. Ask a child who has improved to help lead a song with you.
16. Let a child choose a song during worship.
17. Let a child write on the chalkboard or play with visuals in class.
18. Allow the child who cooperated first in one activity to be the one to start the next popular activity.
19. Allow a child whose behavior has improved to choose from two activity options you offer.
20. Reward all children with a sticker for completing a task such as cleaning the room.
21. Reward all children with a snack for good work they have done.
22. Tell a parent about a child's good behavior in front of the child.
23. Call a parent during the week to tell about a child's good job at Sunday School.
24. Display a child's work on a bulletin board.
25. Mail a card or note to a child, thanking him for doing a good job.


Written by Sharon Ellard © Gospel Publishing House. All rights reserved. Used with permission.