Church_insuranceThis Section provides local church leaders with resources for a wide variety of needs as they serve and teach in the congregation.

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This category provides useful resources for leaders to help those who are in Abusive or Addictive situations.

Advice on starting and administering Bible Study and Cell Group ministry in Homes or on the Church Campus.

Variously known as Sunday School,  Bible Study Classes, Kids and Youth Mid-week ministry. Here are helps for Administrative leaders on organizing, running and maintaining your Church Education Ministry.

Church Planting is the act of starting a new church congregation in a new locality. A Congregation or Individual Pastor may launch a Church Plant. Here is information that will help you accomplish this task sucessfully, even if you have never done this before.

Administrative and Teacher Resources for Christian Schools run by a church, and for teachers in Home Schooling.

By definition, a disciple is a follower, one who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrines of another. Here are plans and resources to effectively improve your Discipleship Ministry as a Pastor or Leader.

Evangelism and Outreach: The art of presenting the Salvation Message to people outside your Church. Pastors and Leaders can find ideas and resources here to enable them to impact those who do not know Jesus as their Savior.

Leaders need to know what is going on outside their immediate sphere of influence. Here are articles and links from leading teachers and speakers on what in the world is going on out there. Specifically what are the Issues people are debating and what direction is the Church moving in different parts of the World?

Revival is the resuscitation of that which is almost dead! Pastors here are ideas and ministries you can go to for help in bringing your people back to the exciting Abundant Life the Church should be experiencing.

This Category provides ideas of how technology can be used in the local church and in the lives of believers. You can now syndicate items or categories to your church web site.

Leaders sometimes find themselves facing challenges for which they were not prepared. Here you will find information on how to lead your people as you respond to Crisis situations, Natural Disasters and emergencies in your Church or Community.

Millions around the world are searching for answers to the problems they face throughout life’s journey. Many end up disappointed or disillusioned. Others, however, have found the answer. These fortunate ones are able to rise above hurtful circumstances and enjoy life at its fullest. Hopefully, you are one of the fortunate; however, if you are not, there is still hope.