My aunt, my mom, and I sat around the table eating pie and drinking coffee—three different age groups ranging from 60 to almost 90.

I, the 60-year-old, suffer from a debilitating illness that leaves me fatigued and filled with pain. I have trouble most days just getting the essential things done.

olderwomansippingteaMy mother is almost 80, and my aunt is almost 90. We talked of many things. When my aunt asked about my writing, I said, 'I have more things to do and ideas than I have energy to accomplish.” Mom chimed in with just the opposite: 'I have more energy than I have things to do!”

How different people are, even in the same family. My mom has always been a powerhouse of energy and action. I get worn out simply listening to all the things she has planned.

Last summer, my mom drove alone all the way from New Mexico to Oregon! A few years ago, she traveled to Russia and now has plans to go to Taiwan. Today she did her usual taxi run to Bible study and picked up a number of 'elderly” ladies. She lives vitally each day.

I felt depressed for awhile as I thought of how little I do. Compared to Mom, my activity level is practically nil. However, I decided to dig deeply into God's Word and read Christian books on the subject.

The results were life-changing. I found that not all of us are even born with the same energy levels. As a young woman, I was a registered nurse working in the newborn nursery. The differences can be seen from birth. While one baby is screaming, annoyed with everything, another sleeps peacefully beside the noisy one. One may be awake much of the time and others drowse.

We All Age Differently

It can be especially intimidating as we age, to see others dashing about with fingers in many pies, when we're doing well to get our apartments tidied up. People age differently, just as they are born with different energy levels, talents, and abilities. I am glad God doesn't expect the same from me as He does those who have more energy. Our personalities, temperaments, and infirmities do not determine how much He loves us. Each of us is made in His image and is deeply loved by Him.

We are unique people and He is only interested in what we do with what we have and who we are. Through the illness that saps my meager strength, I found my true vocation in life. I write and I can't imagine doing anything else. Yet, I didn't find the peace and quiet to become a writer until I became ill.I couldn't be a writer until I found peace

In years past I waited endlessly for the phone to ring, and I never imagined one day I would be glad it didn't. I now need that peace and quiet in order to accomplish what God wants me to do for Him.

We do not lose our value, either with God or with humankind, just because we are crippled or infirm. There can be joy in the midst of pain, suffering, and fatigue. We can minister to so many through the unique gifts God has given.

Are there differences among us? There certainly are, and God wants to work in and through us as we embrace being His unique creations.