After the Attacks – A New Focus

 Tragedy makes us focus on the important. Breaking news of the terrorist attacks on the U.S. riveted the nation's attention. What had seemed so important just hours before – meetings, deadlines and person agendas – now held little urgency. Instead, Americans refocused on life, loved ones and even death. Journalist Ted Koppel, when he heard of the attacks, first thought of his children's safety. In that instant he said he "stopped being a newsman and started being a father." Let's keep our focus on what's really important.

familyofducksUse the word – FOCUS – as a reminder.

  • Family

We've heard story after story of the attack victims who made last minute calls to their loved ones. We've yet to hear a story of someone who used that final call to contact their biggest business client or check on the status of their bank account. In the end, it is our family that we will be drawn to. Loving families are built on unconditional love -- members accept each other for who they really are. So, let's make them our priority, every day. Let's tell them we love them, every day. Let's do this, while we still have the chance.

  • Others

We've seen many heroes since the tragedy -- firefighters, police officers, and volunteer all giving selflessly to help others. We can take this spirit of service into our daily lives. If we take the focus off of ourselves, we too can be heroes. Start with your own family and then widen your circle of giving.

  • Children

Your children need you after a crisisOur children need us now more than ever. They need our reassurance, they need our comfort, and they need our time. Too many mothers and fathers lost their lives in the attacks. They won't have the opportunity to be there for their children. We still have that gift. Remember, children spell love -- t-i-m-e.

  • Unselfishness

As a fruitful life is about relationships, so a fruitful relationship is about unselfishness. If we are to have strong relationships with the people in our life, we need to put our own desires second to theirs. In other words, we must be willing to sacrifice our happiness, our wants and our needs for the good of those we love.

  • Spouse

Now is the time to refocus on our marriages. We need to recommit to our spouse and the marriage vows we made. Think again about the victims' last calls. Time after time we heard how they called their husband or wife to say, "I love you." So cherish your spouse every day. Try not to focus on the negatives in them or your marriage. Instead, realize how blessed you are to have been given another day with your mate. If your marriage is strong, count it a blessing and offer to help others who might be struggling in theirs.

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