Thinking about Christian Education?

Ethan Flattery

Choosing where your child goes to school is an important decision. With so many options available, making the right choice can be a challenge.

schoolbusparkingI have attended both public and private Christian schools. During my time at the Christian school, I was able to grow academically and spiritually, as my teachers applied what I was learning to biblical principles. I also experienced growth at the public school as I was exposed to new ideas and people who held different views. The public school system allowed me to stand for my beliefs, and learn to rely on Christ as my foundation. My time in the public school system allowed me to solidify the concepts that I was taught in Sunday School and put them to practice. Although I recognized the difference between public and Christian schools, I made great friends in both settings. Parent's choice of school for their children is a personal matter that is dependant on many different factors. Parents should seek guidance from the Lord, and see what is best for their situation. These articles describe the value of sending your child to a Christian school.

This first article states the philosophy behind Christian education, according to Rocky Bayou Christian School. Their purpose is to share the why, who, what, when, and where of Christian education. RBCS talk about the importance of parents making the right choice for their child's learning environment, and what a strong learning environment consists of.

The Protestant Reformed Churches of America produced this articlewhich begins by covering the history of Christian Education. After a brief definition of what a Christian school is, they describe the need for children to be taught about God. The article concludes with the thought that parents are responsible for their children's education, and there are rewards for teaching them the right way to live.

Discover Christian Schools has a test that you can takeabout your child's education. This site goes over six questions related to the choice between sending your children to public or private Christian schools. It also acknowledges the debate between parents that want their kids to be witnesses in their school, and those that want a safe environment.

Christian schools can create a safe environmentIf you would like to learn more reasons why Christian Education can be a great experience for your child, you can read this article by This article strongly encourages you to choose Christian education, and it brings up many interesting ideas worth considering.

This article by Faith Baptist Christian School states their belief that there is no alternative to Christian education. They present five reasons to support their beliefs. They believe that educational values must reflect Christian values, because everyone at school will have some level of influence on your child. Faith Baptist Christian School presents their bold point of view clearly in this informative article.

Public and Christian schools both have their pros and cons. While all parents face the tough decision of where to send their children, the right thing to do is to pray and ask God what the right choice is for your situation. God loves children, and they are a valuable resource. Making the right decision for your child's education plays a large role on their development. Hopefully, these articles will help you to make a more informed decision.

-Ethan Flattery 2011