Investor Quiz

Clancy Hayes

The following quiz is designed to help you evaluate how well you are investing yourself in ministry.

Answer each question yes or no.

  1. I believe our church is equipping people and releasing them for ministry.
  2. I have participated in an extended cross-cultural ministry experience (several days to a few weeks) in the past 4 years.
  3. I have completed at least three leadership training experiences in the past year.
  4. I am regularly involved in a ministry role or task.
  5. I have intentionally invested myself, through apprenticeship or mentoring, in the personal or ministry development of one person in the past 6 months.
  6. I have shared my faith with one person in the past month.
  7. I have invited an unchurched person to an activity or event (such as a worship service, outreach seminar, outreach Bible study) in the past 3 months.
  8. I participate regularly in a small group that fosters continued development toward spiritual maturity and reproduction.
  9. I remain in Christ through regular Bible study, prayer, and obedience to God.
  10. Within the past 3 months I have expressed my appreciation to another person serving in ministry in our church.

How did you score?

  • 9-10 yes--Fantastic developer
  • 7-  8 yes--Fabulous developer
  • 5-  6 yes--Fair developer
  • 3-  4 yes--Faint developer
  • 1-  2 yes--Frozen developer

Permission is given to local churches to use this material in mailers, bulletins, and other church publications.

Clancy Hayes is training coordinator and district liaison for the Sunday School Department, Springfield, Missouri. Sunday School. All rights reserved. Used with permission.