Lessons in Silence and other poems

Lessons in Silence

Take me back to the basics, Lord,
To the truths I missed before,
That I may learn in humility
To trust and honor You more.

Teach me to value Your wisdom,
To desire more of Your love,
So when trials and heartaches come
I look first to God above.

Sequester my soul in silence
That my eyes may close in prayer;
Bring me to my knees in reverence
'Til Your voice alone I hear.

All my successes count for nothing;
They're meaningless, futile ways.
If You're not greater than everything,
My life's merely wasted days.

Lord, take me back to Calvary's cross
In soul-searching solitude,
'Til I count pride a tragic loss
And I bow in gratitude.

© by Nancy A. Stevens

Like the Roses

Like the scent of fresh-cut roses,
Or the sparkle of sun-kissed dew,
As the lamb when it reposes,
So gentle is God's love for you.

Like the eagle soaring freely
Across a cloudless, autumn sky,
Surpassing all we hold dearly,
God's love's greater than words describe.

Like the ocean's endless cresting,
Or the sunset's eternal view,
Far surpassing every good thing,
God's love will outlast me and you.

© by Nancy A. Stevens

One Drop of Water

What's one drop of water in an ocean deep and vast,
Or one star amid trillions birthed in the ancient past?
What's one lonely person in crowds of countless billions,
Or a solitary tear among those of millions?
Who sees the broken heart of the child who's forsaken,
Or notes the shattered dreams of those who've been forgotten?

If you could find someone cognizant of each detail,
Who catches every teardrop each moment without fail,
Who hears the silent cry of the abused and maligned,
And feels the desperation of the lost, tortured mind,
Then how would you respond to this astounding person?
When you realize it's Jesus - would you stop your searching?

© by Nancy A. Stevens


Tears have a way of falling
At moments you don't expect,
Like unwelcome guests calling
At an hour you're not your best.

But know that Someone loves you
And understands your great loss,
He feels the pain you go through,
Knows the times you feel so lost.

Grief's not an easy pathway
That can be quickly traversed,
Often healing seems delayed,
With no means to stop the hurt.

Give Him your deepest heartache,
Trust His gentle, loving care.
Wherever grief's road may take
Our Father walks with you there.

© by Nancy A. Stevens