God is in Control

A Christian reponse to the tragedy of a lifetime--911.

    Hurt, anger, disbelief, shock. The madness of a terrorism attack displaces any personal concerns of our lives this day, September 11, 2001. It doesn't matter what's for dinner, where we're going, what we will wear, who's mad at whom in the family. All eyes are on the TV; all ears are on the radio. Americans are glued to any source of news they can find. It is indeed a sad, tragic day in the nation we love.

    What should be our response? Do we cringe in fear? Do we react in anger? Do we run and hide? No, we fall to our knees in prayer for those who have lost loved ones--whose world is shattered and broken beyond belief. We pray for our president, for our leaders, for those giving medical assistance. And we pray for our beloved land, America. We pray that this horrible tragedy will bring our nation back to God, back to moral values, back to the altar where we all belong this day.

    God has not abdicated His throne. He will not forever tolerate man's inhumanity to man. He sees, He knows, He understands--and He still reigns. No matter what has happened this day or what happens tomorrow, He is still in control. Nothing escapes His watchful eye, and He promises to hear the prayers of His children. Let us look to the Lord who is our help and our refuge in the time of the storm. And while we pray for those who grieve, let us also pray for those who hate. May God save their never-dying souls.

    "Father in heaven, hear the prayers of your people this day. Comfort the grieving; comfort Your people; heal our land. Awaken America to its need for You--awaken OUR hearts to pray and intercede for a revival of godly sorrow, repentance, and a new commitment to God. May a revival of righteousness sweep across our land. Bring America back to God. In Christ's Name, Amen."