Somewhere Between a Sigh and a Song

Dear Lord, I have just read again your words.
We are to praise you in everything.
Lord, I do indeed thank and praise you for making me
You have blessed me beyond measure
With the love of one man for a lifetime.
You have bestowed upon me the highest of honors,
Two children, now grown
With precious families of their own.


Lord, it's the easiest thing to thank you for my cozy home,
For priceless family and treasured friends.
It's so comfortable to bless you for the talents you give
And for inspiration to give these gifts back to you.
 It's so natural to thank you and praise you
For your love and forgiveness,
For showering upon me all these beautiful things! 

But Lord, it's super difficult to praise and thank you
For the illness that has devastated this family!
You know I have trouble with that, Lord.
My love for a lifetime is drifting away from me 
Through no choice of our own.
You know, Lord, I promised to care for him
In sickness and in health as well.
You also know of the guilt,
My sense of failure and shame
That others must care for him now.
You know my arms ache to hold him
And make this Big Bad Thing leave him alone!
So many emotions all in a day,
Please, my Lord, take the sting away! 

You are well aware at times he thinks he's still home,
The place where he loved most to be, Lord,
The Haven he worked, skimped and saved for
That we might all be comfortable and happy.
It's no surprise, Lord, when he asks
When will Frankie be home?
Wonder if little Sweetie Pie is warm . . . 

Please, Lord, show me the way to be patient and strong.
Renew in me the light-hearted spirit that he loved for so long
That he may sense I am not defeated
By the gray days of our lives.
Lord, please tuck your gift of sweet peace
Gently but deeply into his shadowy mind and angry spirit.
Take his hand as you hold mine.
Lord, it seems you now hold us
Together separately--
Somewhere between a sigh and a song.
A Sigh for the way we once were
But because of your Grace,
A Song for the way we will One Day be!

For all this, my Lord, I do thank and praise Thee!

"Praise Him with trumpet sound. Praise Him with harp and lyre.
Praise Him with timbrel and dancing. Praise Him with
stringed instruments and pipe. Praise Him with
loud cymbals. Praise Him with resounding
cymbals. Let everything that has
breath praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord!"

~ Psalms 150:3-6 (NASV) ~