Prayer for the Deaf

    It seems our daily lives can become crammed with busy-ness!  So much To do! So little time!

    STOP for just a moment and let's count our blessings! First, we'll thank God for loving us. Enough. Enough to give His only Son to purchase our salvation! LOOK and see the beauty all around us, and within us.  We are, after all, created in His image! We are humbly thankful for the gift of sight that we take for granted--Until our vision begins to blur and dim! 


    LISTEN and cherish that still small voice as it reminds us, "Every good And perfect gift comes from the Father above!" And that includes our Gift of hearing, for which we are eternally grateful! Yet, in our Humanness, don't we at times fret over trivial noise--such as the Outrageous clamor of birds visiting with each other just outside our Bedroom window at four o'clock on a mid-summer morning! Annoyed, yes, until we experience loss of that precious gift of sound . . . 

 Prayer for the Deaf
Heavenly Father,

Thank you for loving us unconditionally!
You bless us daily with all we need,
And so much more than we deserve!

For all things
Great and small
I do thank and praise you, God!
 O merciful Lord,
My heart is wrenched to shreds
To think there are loved ones
Who may one day fail to hear
 The trill of the birds singing,
 The music of stringed instruments, 
And the many voices of those whom they love!
 Lord, that which has been handed down
Through generations past
We accept as your permissive will.
Yet I cannot bear the thought
  That the noisy traffic
Of this road less traveled
Could rattle their serenity of soul!
  My fervent but selfish prayer
Is that for each person
All things be made new
All the while remembering
You understand such selfishness.
 Christ suffered and died for us
 "Father, if it be thy will
 Take this cup from me
Not my will but Thine be done."
 So we bow to your perfect will, Father.
And yet, Lord Jesus,
You also declared,
"By my stripes you are healed!"
Our hearts beat fast with hope
Of your miraculous work!
Perhaps this blessing may come
Through the miracle of scientific technology!
"Lord, hasten the day!"
 Our constant cry.
 If this cup, however,
Be not removed,
I plead
Your Angel of Light might
 Turn the sounds of their world
Into joyful singing in the soul!
Uphold each one
With your righteous right hand.
Illumine their courage and patience
With your own.
Direct their steps.
Envelope them with
Your confidence,
Your peace,
 Your safety.
  Keep their thoughts
Ringing clear and true!
 Replace the emptiness
Of silences that may come
With the melodious harmony of your
 Amazing Grace
Everlasting Love!
Above all else, Dear Lord 
Savior and Redeemer
Healer and Friend
I pray earnestly that
All may be well with their souls!
In Jesus' Name,