Sweetest Christmas Gift for Grief

The holidays are an exciting time of the year, unless you’ve experienced the loss of someone close to you. After a loss, the hustle and bustle of the season further churns up the seas of emotion you’re trying to find your way through.

Craig Aven didn't experience one loss, it was five! The last was a 5-year-old boy named Tommy. Aven witnessed the family’s grief and wanted God’s grace to meet the family during their greatest need. Aven sat down at his piano and asked God for something that would lighten the family’s load at Christmas. The result was a simple song: “The Sweetest Gift.”


Aven posted the video to his Facebook page hoping his message would bring a bit of hope to some hurting people. During just the first week, it was shared by thousands and viewed by more than seven million people.

Remarkable. It showed how many people suffer silently during the holiday season. God chose this man and this song to breathe hope into many who feel deep despair.

The Bible presents Jesus as someone who is familiar with grief. Jesus wept over the suffering He felt when His close friend died. God Himself grieved over the death of His Son on the cross. Through His resurrection, God offers each of us who grieve hope.

Aven says, “I pray ‘The Sweetest Gift’ keeps encouraging others. The words are true, and that’s why the song has the power to bring this kind of hope. Though we have trials in this life, we have the promise of eternal life where there will be no more pain, or sorrow, where we will be reunited with loved ones.”

If you are going through grief right now, there is help.

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