They Keep on Giving - Christmas Memories

“Christmas memories of happy years gone by
They come back to me and keep me warm inside.” - Alabama

Good memories are the gifts that keep on giving.

In the still of the night, we pull them out, hold them tight, and remember sweet pleasures of the past.

I remember one Christmas when the children were small.

Money was tight. My mother-heart ached to create a memorable Christmas. Pennies only go so far - most would go for modest gifts, a few for decorations and a tree.

Rob found one on sale at a small lot.  When he brought it through the door I smiled . . . for the sake of the children.

It was a tall, thin, sad little tree.

We tucked the scraggly side close to the wall and filled the gaps in the branches with ornaments and tinsel. With the twinkling lights on, it was pretty enough. I worried about the tiny tree stand, but it would have to do. A book under one leg kept the tree from tilting. We did our best with what we had.

We should have tried a little harder.

One evening we scurried to leave for mid-week service on time.  Ben, hand on the door knob, never saw it coming.

I did. I watched helplessly as the tree shifted to the right, and with a whoosh, landed on top of him!

Except for a scratch or two, he fared better than the fragile ornaments.
We righted the tree, swept up the glass, tightened the screws on the stand a little tighter, and for good measure ran a string from the top to a nearby curtain rod.

I don’t remember what I gave or received that year, but I’ll forever remember that scraggly, sad tree.

Lots of Christmases have come and gone, still, when I remember that tree, I smile.

This Christmas intentionally create lasting good memories for yourself and those you love.

They are the gifts that keep on giving.

Ronda Knuth