God's Provision of a Dime

Many years ago when my wife and I were associate pastors in a church in Miami, Florida, the senior pastor asked me to make a pastoral visit to a family that had visited the church. We were new to the city and the roads and toll stations were a new experience. After making the visit, I realized I would need a dime to re-enter the expressway. I had a problem--I did not have any money.

I was sitting behind the steering wheel praying when I had a desire to look under the floor mat behind the driver's seat. When I opened the back door and looked under the mat, I found a dime! It wasn't a quarter or a nickel, but exactly what I needed to put me on my way back to the church. Of all of God's provisions, this one stands as both a provision and a lesson. Whether it was a word of knowledge, a miracle, or both, God intervened to meet my need.

A miracle is by definition a divine intervention of any magnitude. I once believed there were "big" and "small" miracles, but "big" miracles are no harder for God than "small" ones. The difference is in our mind, not in God's ability. I learned that God has only to say "granted," and whatever the need, it will be supplied

(Psalm 50:15).

By David and Shirley Martz