Colorful Writing

An arc of color spreads across the sky against a backdrop of angry black clouds. Vibrant hues lift the soul and bring thoughts of the life of a writer.

Just as a rainbow represents the different colors of the prism, the writer also lives in a world of varied colors.

Red: Our faces flush with anger when a rejection comes or we are embarrassed by a negative critique. However, red can also signify love.

Pink: When everything goes the way it should we are lighthearted and the words flow easily. Publishers want our work.

Orange: We are frustrated and dissatisfied when our brain feels empty and finishing a piece seems impossible. Often writers are in a difficult place: We are on the verge of success, but it doesn't quite happen.

Yellow: Too scared to send in the work, and filled with self-doubt, we feel insecure about what we are doing and find dozens of ways to procrastinate. Panic makes us want to hide our personally meaningful thoughts because they might bring derision.

Green: Ah, those monsters of jealousy and envy arise when we hear of someone else's success. Our stomach churns when contemplating all the work of rewriting our manuscript.

Blue: We feel sad when the mailbox is empty or the dreaded SASE is returned with a rejection notice. Writing is a lonely business; no one knows what we're doing or how hard we work. Our hours of toil are flippantly referred to as our "little hobby."

Purple: We feel like royalty when our work is accepted. We are king and queen of our laptops and our hard work finally pays off.

There's more to the palette than just those colors. Colors often overlap and match our moods. Just as in life, little is truly a pure color, but rather a combination of hues. Experiences leave us with mixed feelings. Some of the incidents offset the glory of others. Some bring us comfort and peace. Others prod us to action and give us courage to tell our stories in order to help others. Some experiences are bold and instruct and exhort us.

With God, we can use all of our experiences and emotions to paint multihued word pictures that brighten and lighten the reader's day. The rainbow of colors helps us to identify with our readers; our words encourage, provide hope, and bring vibrancy into the drabness of others' lives. The palette is there. We need only to pick up our literary paintbrushes and fashion colorful word images that will lead us and others to more meaningful lives.