readingDiscover a daily deeper walk with God. Find encouragement in your devotional life with inspirational topics that challenge you to embrace life passionately as well as studies in God's Word to help keep you balanced and healthy. Learn how to focus on your relationship with God and learn the purpose of why we are here and how we can effectively be a witness to those in our community.

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Leadership_growthDaily growth Articles for the many areas of life. Education, Emotions and Spiritual maturity are worthwhile goals to strive for as a person and a follower of Jesus.

Here you will find articles written for the man-in-the-street on what the Bible says about coming events and the end times.
ExerciseLearn how to improve your diet, health, and lifestyle. The right kind of lifestyle will bring you rewards greater than you can imagine. Mental or Physical issues can keep you from being your best. Here are articles on so many ways you can improve your quality of life.
happy_familyChristian Fellowship articles will give you insights from our own authors on what it means to be part of the Family of God.
Leadership_balancedStories by trusted writers that will make your day brighter and draw you closer the the Lord.

writingIn these Bible Studies written by recognized ministers, you will find help in understanding your Bible and knowing God.

Here you will find good information to help you deal with Loss and Grief

Leadership_volunteersHow do you prepare yourself to share your faith with anyone at anytime. It is not difficult if you have a plan and a heart for the needs of others. Here are resources that can help you tell your personal experience finding Christ, and how it helped you in life.

Jim Cole-Rous researched background information on lesser known Bible People beginning in 2008. Jim trained at the South African Bible Institute. He publishes his studies researched, in Theology, World History, and the writings of the early Church Fathers. Jim is reading for his Master of Arts, at the Global University, School of Graduate Theology.