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The Church & Scientific Thought - Galileo Galilei Examined Written by Jim Cole-Rous
Understanding the Teaching Ministry of the Church Written by LeRoy Bartel
Pentecostal Research Resources Written by Marvin Gilbert
Web Sites for Doctoral Researchers Written by Marvin Gilbert
Open Access Journals in Five Disciplines Written by Marvin Gilbert
Proquest - A Research Tool for Academia Written by Jim Cole-Rous
Open Source Links to Electronic Theses and Dissertations Written by Marvin Gilbert
Living in the Heavenly Realms Written by Dr. Gailyn Van Rheenen
Defining an Animistic Worldview Written by Van Rheenen, Dr. Gailyn
Worldview and Syncretism Written by Van Rheenen, Dr. Gailyn
The 9 Most Important Issues Facing The Evangelical Church Written by Michael J. Vlach
The 10 Most Important Dates in Church History Written by Michael J. Vlach