Bible and Theology

BibleStudying God's Word equips us to know God more and to understand how we are to relate to Him. Here are articles to assist your study of the Bible and to equip you in applying daily the Word of God to your life and ministry.


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Old Testament Overview studies with Interactive fill in work-sheets by Warren Simmons.

The study of the institutional activities of religion as homiletics (the art of preaching), church administration, pastoral care, and liturgics. This is the application of beliefs to the actions of the believer. A fresh perspective on ministry approaches and ideas.

Exegetical Theology is an explanation or critical interpretation of the Bible. Commentary and Interpretation of Biblical truth is basic to our understanding of God.

Theological Research, and the Reseach tools to help you develop your own theses. Look here for some discussion and ideas.

This category contains articles to assist the believer in defending the Faith and interacting with arguments relating to Scripture and Christian beliefs.

Biblical Themes throughout the Old and New Testament that teach basic truths about God, and our relationship to Him.

Jesus' teaching on Leadership from Matthew 20:20-28 is presented in a 10 part study series by Dr. George M. Flattery

How systematic use of Scripture forms the doctrines and beliefs of various believers