Another Look at Church Growth--3

A recent survey of 10,000 churches of various denominations asked the question, "What factors influenced you to become a member of this church?" Note the answers.

Walk ins, 6%
Programs, 3%
Preacher, 5%
Special needs, 3%
Sunday School, 3%
Revivals (gospel meetings), .001%
Visitation, 2%
Influence of friends or relatives, 75%+
As we continually seek to bring glory to God, nothing is more vital to the continued growth of this church than your influence for good. Visitation programs do much good. But the efforts of many Christians resolved to reach out to friends and relatives will reap the greater harvest for God. We can have the best programs possible, the best preacher available, a super-duper Bible school department, active visitation efforts, and real outreach to those with special needs, and according to the above statistics, we will reach only about 1/4 of our potential in this community.

The single most powerful force we have in this church for bringing others to Christ (3 times stronger than all others combined) is the care and concern we have for our own friends and relatives!

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