Choir Covenant

Most churches deal with many different levels of committment from their people. How do we set a guideline and hold to it? How can we help our people become more committed to our ministries?

Read through the following covenant for ideas on how you can help people become more accountable in ministry. It's easy for people to say they want to be apart of your ministry, and never show up for rehearsals. It's another thing to have them sign a contract that will help them be more committed to the ministry. If you have a Covenant that you would like to share with others, please send it to us. We will be compiling these for people to use in their churches. This covenant can be used for choirs and worship teams with a few adjustments in wording.

Choir Covenant

The purpose of this covenant is to help each of us understand what's expected of each other as we meet from week to week to prepare special music for worship, and as we present our music during worship.

1. I will make rehearsals a priority in my schedule as this is a ministry and it deserves that commitment.
2. I will commit to spending time outside of our rehearsal times to learn and memorize our music.
3. I will have all music memorized and ready to present 1 1/2 weeks prior to our scheduled singing times.
4. I will maximize our rehearsal times by placing my focus on what we are singing. (that doesn't mean we won't have fun, it just means that when it's time to get serious we will get serious)
5. I will commit to maintain a personal prayer life and spiritual growth.
6. I will commit to praying for this ministry of our church.
7. I will treat this ministry with the seriousness that it deserves.
8. I will be on time to rehearsals and will call when I cannot be there.

I understand the requirements to be a part of the ________ Choir and will comply with each covenant. Should I not be able to meets these requirements I will voluntarily discontinue my participation in the group.



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