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How does a leader conduct a Worship service. Are there differing kinds of Worship Ceremonies. Read on!

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The Spirit at the Table in the Center Steve Phifer  
Future in the Lord's Supper Mark D. Roberts  
Communion—A Part of Worship? EXW Staff  
Whatever You Do, Do These Two Things: Baptism and Communion John Ortberg  
The Three-Fold Meaning of the Lord's Supper Joseph Tkach  
How to Counsel a Couple Getting Married Ken Gosnell  
4 Reasons Not to Give an Altar Call R. Larry Moyer  
One in Christ or Coffee? Paul Louis Metzger  
Tithing, blessings that go Against Human Thinking And Common Sense… David Church  
Communion When Seekers are Present Craig Brian Larson )  

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