Toughness Trivia 70 - D.F.M.

(The Driving Force of Missions)

'Cross the way from Cox's Center,

Looming large on street of Boonville,

Stands the blue and busy building Called headquarters of the A/G.


On its third floor at the south end ...

Carpeted, efficient, quiet...

By Phil Hogan ably managed,

DFM pursues its mandate.


Handles tens of thousands dollars

Sent by churches 'cross this nation.

Setting budgets, building buildings,

Giving guidance and cohesion.


Sends its thirteen hundred warriors

To the earth's remote four comers ...

To the distant far off countries

With their teeming unreached millions.


To the lands of Mindanao,

Bangladesh and Guatemala ...

Jordan, Chile, Guam and Fiji,

Tanzania, Truk and Thailand.


To the Bantu ... to the Asian ...

To the Latin and Fulani...

To Semitic and Caucasian ...

To Pacific Polynesians.


Sends its traveling field directors

To the islands and the mainlands ...

To the towns ... Ouagadougou,

Brussels, Rangoon, Guadaloupe,


Katmandu and Kisingani,

Hong Kong, Koindu, and Kisumu,

Lima, Rio, Atakpame,

Benin north to Natitengu!


What's the driving force of missions?

Why ... when compensation's little?

Why ... when overtime's unending?

Why put up with all such nonsense?


Ask Iwasko, Norm, or Nelson

Ask Don Triplett or Paul Brannan.

Ask the office secretary.

Ask whoever ... and they'll answer ...


'Taint the prestige. 'Taint the money.

'Taint the hours or plush surroundings.

'Taint our colleagues in the office.

'Taint we can't work other places.


'Tis the sense of Great Commission

Reaching far to unreached peoples ...

Keeping step with God's great purpose ...

Readying men to meet their Maker ...


Knowing deep fulfillment... measured

By the will of God predestined ...

That of all men, none should perish,

But that all should find salvation.


This the great participation ...

This the thing that makes it worthwhile ...

This the compensating factor ...

This the driving force of missions!

© Morris Williams