Toughness Trivia 69 - Eternal Life

Eternal life? What promise this If endlessness is all it is,

And that is all my hope?

Eternal life? What's to entice?

But it's not true that time alone Makes up eternal life.

There's more to it, much more, my friend, Than time and time and time again.

What constitutes this endless life, This glorious state in heav'n above,

To make me want with all my heart To taste its joy and enter in?

Eternal life in prayer described Is knowing God and Jesus too.

No boredom or monotony When fellowship with God is mine.

It's what I am and whom I know That makes me now anticipate;

For God has touched this son of sin And made a son for fellowship.

My life is changed, created new;My walk by His own Spirit led;

Declared to be in righteousness Exactly like the Son of God.

Oh, confidence for access to The very throne on which He sits,

And hope that makes me not ashamed As to eternal life I look.

For now are we the sons of God Though what we shall be is still unknown;

But face to face we'll see Him then And bear His image by His grace.

Eternal life. What promise this, For endless bliss is what it is;

And that will be my joy In Father-son relationship.

© Morris Williams