Toughness Trivia 22 - Called to Commitment

Floating members make a sinking church!

Has our love of freedom made us poor church members?

Are we so determined to be "independent" that our ability to care for the other fellow has atrophied?

Do we refuse to be "tied down" to collective caring because we care more for ourselves than we do for others?

The local unit of the body of Christ is a visible demonstration of what characterizes heaven; i.e., an unselfish, loving relationship.

It is a body of believers committed to God and to one another in common endeavor and fellowship.

Church membership and church organizations are an accommodation to a task assigned by Jesus Christ himself.

They constitute a united effort on the part of believers who have had the same spiritual experience ... who have the same spiritual goals ... and who are willing to give of themselves and their time to get the job done.

The Church's "job" is to make believers Christ-like and to coordinate their activities so they can reach the world for Christ. The local church is the instrument God uses to get that "job" done. So great a task cannot be accomplished without commitment by believers to each other ... and commitment is what church membership is all about!

Floaters do not function well in a team effort. When you need them, they are not there.

Don't be a floater!