Toughness Trivia 6 - The Outhouse of Nagabagare

You've heard about the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, the Hanging Gardens and the Great Wall of China ... those wonders of the world that leave me speechless.

You have seen the marvels of engineering in America ... the Brooklyn Bridge, the Hoover Dam, and the cable causeway that spans the Golden Gate.

Or, for Assemblies of God enthusiasts there is the Blue Vatican and the new multimillion dollar cathedrals that out-cathedral the glass of Garden Grove.

But in missions, nothing is farther out than the outhouse of Nagabagare for sheer innovation and imagination in the realm of the conservation of energy!

You see, the Bible school at Nagabagare has over five hundred human processing plants that, over the years, have been scattering their excess energy all over the place. There were no outhouses at Nagabagare.

Then someone had an idea. Why not conserve all that waste and convert its gases into methane that would drive the generator that could give light and power to all those human sources of energy? It was a far-out idea ... but so was the house!

To believe it you have to see it. Fortunately, you don't have to smell it. In appearance it's something like this:


Now the wonder of it all is that it works. This is no fairy tale. I saw the plant with my own eyes ... saw the wind vane turning the paddle ... saw the gas bag filled with all that excess energy ... ready to power the plant. School was not in session so the "power supply" was down. But seeing is believing, and I saw it... the eighth wonder of the world ... the OUTHOUSE OF NAGABAGARE!