Pastor Saeed Abedini's Story

Pastor Saeed Abedini

From Depressed Muslim to Christian Humanitarian

Saeed Abedini was born and raised in Iran. He was grew up a Muslim, but felt empty, isolated and disappointed. He felt lost.

After visiting a Christian church, Saeed became angry with the pastor. He believed he was leading people astray. He even planned to kill the pastor.

But the Gospel Saeed heard at that church that day kept running through Saeed's mind. His hunger for a satisfying relationship with God grew. He began to understand his need for repentance.

He prayed that God would show him truth. God spoke to him that night in an audible voice saying, “Saeed, Saeed, I am coming back soon! Go and preach My Gospel.” Saeed looked around the room but no one was there. Three times he awoke to God's voice. He felt God's presence. He saw a great light. That message was repeated one more time, “Saeed, Saeed, I am coming back soon! Go and preach My Gospel.”

Saeed received Christ as his Savior. His life was changed. He found purpose. He learned to love people.

In July of 2012, Saeed was visiting his homeland to build an orphanage when he was arrested and sentenced to eight years in Evin Prison for his faith in Jesus.

Saeed is trusting that he will be freed, but he asked that the video would go out to searching people around the world. He wants to encourage us even while he is being subjected to horrible beatings, refused medical treatment and separated from his loving wife and two children.

What can cause a man who is enduring so much to want to share Good News even while in prison? Saeed once lived without purpose, without joy, without peace. Now, because of Jesus Christ, he has all of those things even in the midst of persecution.

Saeed believes many more people need to know Jesus Christ. He wants you to have the same opportunity to love Jesus as he was given that wonderful night so long ago in Iran. He wants you to know the joy of sins forgiven and the promise of eternal life with God in heaven.

It is not difficult to know Christ. It begins with a prayer like this: “Dear Jesus. I am sorry for the wrong things I have done. I know that I have hurt you. I am ready to let You change me. I want the same kind of new life that Saeed found that night. Please become the Savior and Lord of my Life. In Your Wonderful name, Amen!”

If you prayed that prayer, you have already begun a journey that will change you at the deepest levels. You are already welcomed into God's family!

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