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Sin has Many Tools

Four young men once competed vigorously to become head of the trust department at their bank.



In the challenge of breaking horses out West, a colt is turned loose on the wild prairies, and it literally goes wild.



Backsliders begin with dusty Bibles, and go on to filthy garments



Inside the ark, all were secure until the deluge was over, kept by the power of God.


Scathing Words

What does God think when His people have lost their zeal for serving Him?


Scantily Clad?

Miss Anderson quietly told the reporter that the greatest moment in her life was the day she went home, and told her mother she wouldn’t have to take out the washing anymore!


Sandalphon, the Angel of Prayer

In this beautiful legend is embodied the truth that our prayers are never lost.


Salvation is a Helmet

Christian himself was confused when he saw a man of brave countenance go up to him with the ink horn, and say, “Set down my name, sir!”


Sailing Without Convoy

Suddenly, he felt an invisible “plus” element added to the sum of the whole.



The practice of throwing a wooden shoe into a machine to damage it, and hinder the work it was created for, was referred to by the French as sabotage.


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