NT Fire Starters - Fire Bible Student Edition

Fire Starters are designed to help you read and study through the New Testament in one year, regardless of when and where you start. But, even if you aren't following the one-year track, you can still select the Fire Starter that corresponds to whatever you are reading in the Bible on any given day. The Fire Starters provide 10 to 20 minutes of study, including the Bible reading.

March 19 - Luke 3:1-38

Do most people who know you realize that you're Christian?


March 18 - Luke 2:21-52

How young is too young to grasp God's purpose and mission for one's life?


March 17 - Luke 2:1-20

Jesus birth was a big event. No doubt about it.


March 16 - Luke 1:57-80

Put yourself in Zechariah's place and consider how you might have felt and what you might have done under the following circumstances.


March 15 - Luke 1:26-56

How do you think you would have responded if an angel appeared to you with the news he brought to Mary?


March 14 - Luke 1:1-25

When people are trying to prove a case--like in court--what kinds of evidence do they look for?


March 13 - Mark 16:1-20

We may sometimes find it difficult to relate to the emotions and experiences of people we read about in the Bible.


March 12 - Mark 15:21-47

Why did Jesus endure all the rejection and pain He encountered during His life and ministry--particularly as His death approached?


March 11 - Mark 15:1-20

Have you ever noticed how fickle people can be--how quickly their moods, opinions and behaviors can be swayed depending on the situation or how others respond to them?


March 10 - Mark 14:53-72

Most people find it difficult to keep quiet when others spread rumors or tell lies about them--especially when the remarks are made to their face.


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