NT Fire Starters - Fire Bible Student Edition

Fire Starters are designed to help you read and study through the New Testament in one year, regardless of when and where you start. But, even if you aren't following the one-year track, you can still select the Fire Starter that corresponds to whatever you are reading in the Bible on any given day. The Fire Starters provide 10 to 20 minutes of study, including the Bible reading.

March 30 - Luke 8:40-56

Do you ever feel the need or pressure to prove yourself?


March 29 - Luke 8:22-39

What amazes you?


March 28 - Luke 8:1-21

How are you at finishing what you start?


March 27 - Luke 7:36-50

How often have you stopped to consider just how merciful God has been to you and how much God's forgiveness means to you personally?


March 26 - Luke 7:1-35

Are you the type of person that wants proof?


March 25 - Luke 6:17-49

Do you have any enemies? Or maybe just a few people that get on your nerves?


March 24 - Luke 6:1-16

Do you ever feel like you need a break?


March 23 - Luke 5:17-39

Have you ever gotten stuck in a rut?


March 22 - 5:1-16

Are you a "think-before-you-act" type of person, or are you overly spontaneous?


March 21 - Luke 4:14-44

People seem to love superheroes. And it's not just children who are attracted to the fantasy.


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