How Do You Hear God's Voice?

Kim Martinez

When God speaks, I want to make sure I act, but I don't want to step out in faith unless I know God is calling me. After all, stepping out in faith often feels like I'm walking off a cliff.

Peter had this kind of dilemma when he walked on the water (Matthew 14:22-33). Can you imagine if he hadn't actually heard Jesus' voice? That would have been disastrous. We can learn some things from Peter's interaction with Jesus as he stepped out of the boat.

  1. He knew Jesus' voice. It is hard to know when God calls you to step out in faith if you don't already know His voice. One of the things we can do today is to compare what we hear with the Bible. If it doesn't line up with Scripture, it probably wasn't God's voice.
  2. He had people with him. When Peter stepped out in faith, he was backed-up by all those people in the boat who also heard Jesus speak. Being part of a community of believers gives you emotional support to step out in faith and also acts as a warning light when you might be stepping out on your own.
  3. God speaking. Sometimes we wonder if God spoke to us when we hear a good sermon, or when we see others stepping out in faith. We get a guilt feeling going, and think we "should" be doing something when our heart has not heard His voice. When God speaks to us, He will confirm it in our hearts. This is essential, because when the waves of life start to hit us, we need to know that God spoke so we can cry out to Him. Otherwise, we start to doubt, feel embarrassed, and forget to ask for His help.

Whether God speaks to you in a dream, through other people, through the Bible or through circumstances, He will confirm it. He won't think you have too little faith if you ask for confirmation that it really was Him.

God will confirm his calling

Personally, God and I have an agreement. If He is going to ask me to do something that requires me to step out in faith, He will tell me in at least three different ways, all unsolicited by me. He will speak to my heart, work in circumstances and confirm it either through the Bible and/or other people. Then, I will gladly step out in faith because I know He is not calling me to walk off a cliff, but to walk into His hand.

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