The Global Gospel

George W. Flattery tells the story of Grandpa George's missions heritage and how God has done great things across the world.

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Steps to Forgiveness

 You know that you need to forgive those who do wrong to you. But it's hard. You can say the words, but it's hard to feel it. How do you really forgive?

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When You Don't Measure Up

Just when you thought you were accomplishing something, you crashed and burned. That happened to the apostle Paul too. Learn from his experience.

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Discard the Old Life

Were you involved with spiritism, spirit guides, or the occult before coming to Christ? There is no room in your new life for those things.

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Don't Lose Heart

When God doesn't seem to answer our prayers quickly enough or in the way we want them answered, do we get discouraged or have we learned what it means to trust Him?

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Forgiving as We Have Been Forgiven

 Can we be forgiven by God if we are not willing to forgive those who have done wrong against us?

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